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Once Paternity has been established, both parents have an equal right to have the child with them and can keep the child primarily with them as long as they provide visitation to the other parent. This is a little-known fact by many about New York State Law. Therefore, filing for custody is critical to obtaining primary rights to your child. Without a Court Order, you risk having the other parent keep your child with them and allowing you time with your child when they decide to provide it.

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Whether you are trying to obtain initial custody or are filing for a Modification or Violation of an existing Court order, you need the skills of a seasoned Attorney to guide you through this process. I am that Attorney. I have 27 years of experience in custody law, have practiced in 16 Counties in the State, have been sponsored by Attorneys in other States to handle cases within those States should you or the other parent not reside in New York, and have handled international cases as well.

The Courtroom can be an intimidating place without an Attorney. The uncertainty of what could happen regarding your rights to your child can keep you up at night. Rest assured that I know the Law and the Court process well, and I will have a great command of the facts of your case. Many fear not knowing what is happening in the Courtroom or what should be done. I take that worry off you with my knowledge and experience, and by letting you know what is happening in the process regularly. I’m happy to answer questions, I return messages and calls promptly, and I will reassure you during this process, so you feel well taken care of.

When filing initially for Custody, an Attorney is crucial. Under New York State Law, our highest Court has declared that Courts must consider both parents to be on equal footing in terms of who should get custody. The legal standard the Court must use to make custody decisions is the “Best Interest of the Child” standard. This standard is up to the Judge’s determination, and it is up to me to convince the Judge that you are the best custodian of the child. I have been very successful at this. Once initial Custody has been established, it can be hard to change. A skilled and knowledgeable Attorney knows the Court standards for a Modification of Custody. It depends on whether Custody was established through a Divorce proceeding, with or without a Separation or Settlement Agreement, or in Family Court. I know this process well and will do everything I can to help you make changes that you feel are necessary for you and your child. I know the procedures in the event the other parent is denying you your rights to your child as well. I will use my extensive knowledge to file the proper Petitions with the proper language to meet the Court’s legal requirements to fight for your rights to your child or children.

Should you be in the position of having the other parent reside out of New York, are a parent who resides outside of this State, or even out of the Country, few Attorneys have had experience in this very small area of the Law. My clients’ cases have led me on the path of gaining extensive knowledge of what to do, what Laws apply and how to handle your case smoothly for you. I’ll keep you advised of what I need to file, what the Laws are in this regard and make you feel as safe as possible.

I have also had the privilege of adding to my knowledge of Custody in New York to the extent of representing other people who are seeking Custody of a child. Parents have superior rights but sometimes are unable or unavailable to care for the child or children. I’ve represented Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, relatives and non-relatives, to successfully obtain Custody.

In all the above areas listed, I have extensive trial experience, as well as trial experience in prosecuting child abuse and neglect cases. I handled numerous neglect and abuse cases for 7 years. Domestic Violence can be a factor as well. If you need an Order of Protection and/or guidance for the safety of you and your child or children, I’m skilled at knowing what to do.

I will fight hard for you in all of these areas listed, but our main goal will be to save you the lengthy, expensive and upsetting process of a trial by working towards a settlement. Studies show all parties tend to abide by a Court Order, if they have agreed to it, better than if a Court imposes an Order on them. If a trial becomes necessary, it often takes a minimum of a year to be resolved, but I am well-prepared to follow through and do what is necessary for your case.

I have a passion for this work and will be there for you.